The Value of Professional Pet Sitting Over Friends or Family

Posted on Mar 6, 2017
The Value of Professional Pet Sitting Over Friends or Family

We’ve all been there. You’re headed out-of-town. You have your dates set, your tickets are ordered, and you’ve thought about what you’ll pack. Then you remember that you also need to schedule someone to care for your pets. It’s tempting to phone a friend. We all have friends or family who love our pets and probably don’t mind. But there are many sound reasons not to use your friends or family for pet sitting.


Today marks the beginning of Professional Pet Sitters Week. At Run Those Dogs, we are proud of the quality work we do for pet families, we care deeply about safety, and we do our best to ensure at all times that our pet sitting is clean and stress-free for you and your pet. Here are just a few reasons why using a certified professional like Run Those Dogs is a better choice.


Save the Favors for When You’ll Really Need Them

There will always be moments in our lives when we need help from our family and friends. Some are small, like running out of gas or needing a ride. Others are much bigger, like medical emergencies or help after a surgery. By hiring a professional pet sitter, you will ensure that you haven’t used up what’s in your friends and family’s well of generosity. You can save those favors for when you really need them. Your friends and family will also be more likely to say yes to a favor when they don’t feel like they’ve already given a lot.


Preserve Friendships

If there is ever a problem during your friends or family’s pet sitting experience, you risk the quality of the friendship. If your pet gets lost or injured accidentally while in the care of family or friends, or your home is left unlocked, or valuables go missing, the last thing you want to deal with is conflict about it. That conflict could change or even endanger friendships or leave lasting rifts between family members. Using a professional removes the risks of damaging relationships with those close to you.


dog walking run those dogs jen sewell exercise

We help keep your pet safe and healthy.

Sitting in Your Own Home

Although some animals are adaptable to animal boarding facilities or staying in the homes of friends and family for a short time, most pets prefer the routine and familiarity of their own home when their pet-parents are away. Professional pet sitting in your clean, safe, stress-free home is almost always the best option when you’re out of town.


The Wisdom of Experience

Your friends and family may not be experience with pet care or even know what to do when things don’t go as planned. Professional pet sitters often have years of daily experience with a variety of animals. Their professional judgement is worth its weight in gold when responding to an unexpected crisis or health issue. They are also educated about being proactive about safety issues in the home. For example, they won’t accidentally leave dangerous chemicals out and they’ll be able to spot and fend off situations that could injure your pet. That peace of mind alone is worth the cost of professional care. Jen Sewell of Run Those Dogs is also skilled at administering medications and monitoring health status of animals that are ill or aging. Most medications are administered at no extra charge.


Professional Accountabilityrun those dogs virtual imprints

Perhaps the best part of hiring a professional is not having to wonder or worry about the quality of care your pet will receive. You’ll be able to enjoy your time away, be present, and focus because of the technology Run Those Dogs employs. Upon request we send daily e-mails and pictures so you’ll know your pet is safe and happy. We use Virtual Imprints Wireless technology so that you can see in ‘real time’ when we arrive and depart.


We hope that you can see the benefits of a certified Professional Pet Sitter and why using one will keep your pet safe and preserve long-term relationships with family and friends. Below is a brief overview of our process at Run Those Dogs. We serve the Snohomish County-area, and specifically Stanwood, Marysville, and Arlington. Please contact us to schedule your initial appointment today.



  1. Alexandria Martinez
    July 3, 2018

    I want to look into pet services as my fiance and I look into going on vacation. Our dog, Boomer, is such a big part of our life that we want to keep safe. Getting someone that will have professional accountability is a great idea.

    • Jennifer
      July 3, 2018

      Professional pet sitters that are licensed and insured are the way to go! They will love your pet the way you would, keeping their safety a top priority! ❣️

  2. Thomas Westgren
    July 5, 2019

    It makes a lot of sense how you said that your friends and family may not have much experience dealing with pets when things don’t go well. Having a professional dog sitter would be a much better option in that case. That way you can be sure that your pet will stay safe, even if they decide that they should misbehave.

  3. Angela Waterford
    August 5, 2019

    Wow, I like the idea that I’ll be able to preserve my friendships if I hire a pet sitting service to watch over my dog when I go on vacation. I think I’ll hire one since they’ll do the sitting in my own home. Since they’re experienced enough to deal with many dogs, I’m sure that they’ll be able to handle her just fine.