Wonder Walker Body Halter ~ My dog pulling solution!

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

When I adopted Lilo at just 10 weeks old, I was so excited to finally have a dog to take out for walks and eventually runs! I’d been waiting for this time to come for so long! Finally, the right dog for me!! She was quickly enrolled in a number of puppy obedience classes. Lilo was known in the class as “The little spit fire”. SO much energy! Anxiety always high and listening became very much a challenge! I can’t even count the different halters and collars I bought for her. A small fortune at least, trying to gain more control over her pulling me around.

As Lilo got a little older we started hitting the streets for more walks and runs. Most of those outings were very uncomfortable because Lilo was walking me! I had several friends comment that they saw my dog taking me for a walk! Upon educating myself, I came across the Wonder Walker halter. This halter reduced pulling by 50%. The wonder walker halter places control around the dogs center of gravity rather than the head or neck. It’s designed to make walks more enjoyable for both of you!  It certainly did in my situation. Lilo was probably the worse case scenario when it came to pulling ( many day cares & trainers told me so! ) It was clear that some tough love needed to happen to get Lilo to know that she was not the boss of me. While using this wonderful halter and consistently working on loose leash running and walking, I can know take her out for runs with just a collar. Lilo still needs daily reminders when she gets excited to go out for a run. The wonder walker has made walks more comfortable while teaching loose leash manners. We still use this halter everyday!

Wonder Walker Body Halter

There are many great products on the market today that work great! It really just depends on the dog and your

Wonder walker harnesses can be found in many pet stores. You can also order online and see their many other great products at wonderwalkerhalter.com Located in seattle WA.


What are some of your favorite dog walking accessories? I’d love to hear about them!!





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