The Value of Pet Massage

Posted on Jul 7, 2018
The Value of Pet Massage

pet massageWe’ve all heard of the benefits humans get from massage. But have you thought about letting your pet in on the action? Some of the top reasons to massage your pets can include general relaxation and reduction of emotional stress, pain management for joints or after an injury, and easing the effects of ageing. Everybody Deserves a Massage week begins July 15. So why not your fur baby?


There are also benefits people don’t always think about such as emotional, communication, and connection benefits. Pets value touch. Showing them that they are valued, understood and loved through massage helps strengthen that bond. The only things needed to give your fur-baby a massage is a flat surface and your hands.


Of course, you can actually take your pet to see an animal massage therapist. It is important to check in with your vet and check your pet’s health insurance if you have it to see if the massage could be covered.


Run Those Dogs Staff

Here at Run Those Dogs we are proud have Janette as part of our team. She is trained in equine massage and some of your dogs or cats have probably gotten a massage from Janette.


Janette began working with Run Those Dogs in early 2017. Her lifelong love of animals began while growing up on Vashon Island with a variety of pets, livestock and assorted strays that her father brought home. In her mid-twenties, she acquired Dusty, an Arab Quarter Horse which changed the course of her life and started her love affair with horses.

pet massage horse Janette


In 2013, she left her full-time career as a graphic artist to focus her attention on her life’s passion, working with animals. She studied and got certified in equine massage and became a board member of a local horse rescue. In her free time, she loves to trail ride and camp with her horses, spend time with her son, Nathan, and play with her dog, Lucy, a blue heeler/hound mix!


Janette has also enjoyed working with the many dogs we care for at Run Those Dogs. Your pet is in good hands with Janette, who is also pet First Aid & CPR trained.


Giving a pet massage is all about connecting and spending time with your fur baby. A daily or weekly massage at home could be just what the vet ordered. Finding the right combination of timing, environment, pressure and location of your pet massage could take a few attempts. Don’t give up. If you don’t find it right away, try again another day. Your pet will let you know what they appreciate. In the process you’ll get all the benefits too. You’ll feel calmer, relieving some of your stress, lowering your blood pressure and helping you relax too! Give it a try so you’ll both start feeling the benefits today.

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