Top 10 Gifts for your Dog This Holiday Season

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

Top 10 Gifts for Your Dog This Holiday Season

1. Tagg Tracker

Keep your pooch safe and healthy with this GPS collar clip and charger station that tracks how much exercise your dog is getting each day and monitors his exact location.

2. Chuckit Launcher

This ball and throwing wand is the classic toy for the dog who loves to fetch and the owner who wants an easy throw and slobber-free way to play.

3. Dyson Groom

A gift for you and Fido, this grooming tool vacuum attachment has 364 individual bristles to comb your dog’s fur, and a thumb release trigger to suck dog hair into the vacuum.

4. Dog Car Seat Saver

A range of hammock-like seat covers, like the Filson Dog Car Seat Saver, on the market, protect car seats from fur, scratches, tears, and any doggy messes, while keeping pups secure and blocked from the floor or access to the front seats. Plus most can be quickly removed and washed.

5. DogTV

Yes, it really is TV, just for your dog, but you’ll love it too. Available for $5 per month on DIRECTV, this channel is designed for stay-at-home dogs. According to the site, the programming is scientifically developed to stimulate and comfort your dogs, with movements, sounds and behaviors patterns from a dog’s point of view.

6. Bergan Auto Harness

Keep your pooch safe in the car with this harness and tether that connects to the car’s seat belt loop and keeps your dog safely in one seat, to prevent driver distractions and avoid danger with sudden stops or open windows.

7. KONG Classic Dog Toy

This popular dog toy supports healthy teeth, happy puppies and chew-mark free shoes. Stuff this rubber toy with treats and toss it like a ball or leave your pooch to play with it as they try to get treats out.

8. Dog Water Fountains

Drink well produces a wide range of dog water fountains that encourage your dog to drink more water, because what dog doesn’t love drinking from a running tap?

9. Bake-a-Bone The Original Dog Treat Maker

Give your dog the ultimate gift, good health, by opting out of store bought treats and making your own at home with this dog biscuit treat maker kit or a baking mold.  

10. Dogit Go Slow Bowl

The Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Bowl and a variety of similar bowls are designed to help dogs slow down at dinner time. The curves and shapes in the bowl force your dog to eat slower and discourage gulping down food unchewed, hopefully resulting in healthier pups and less accidents from overeating. 


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