Preparing for your pet sitter..

Posted on Dec 11, 2013

How to get ready for your pet sitter

Hiring a pet sitter to take care of your pet while you’re away is a great way to make sure your furry friends are safe and secure during your absence. To help your pet sitter take these steps to get ready:  

Prepare directions

Leave detailed, preferably typed, directions for your pet sitter. If possible, send an electronic copy to your pet sitter and leave a printed version where they will easily find it in your home. Some pet sitters will provide their own forms. Directions should include:

  1. Feeding directions: times, quantity, and location of supplies
  2. Other care needs: dog walking, medications, etc.
  3. Contact information: multiple ways to reach you
  4. Emergency information: contacts for your veterinarian, animal hospital, and neighbors or family
  5. Other care taking responsibilities: directions for securing your home (keys, alarm codes, etc.) collecting mail, watering plants, taking out trash, and caring for other pets

Prepare your home

  • Put all supplies in one area: food, water and food bowls, medications, treats, leash, toys, can opener (if needed), pet carrier
  • Leave cleaning supplies in one area and notify your sitter of where they are 
  • Close doors to off-limits areas and lower toilet seat lids
  • Verify that medications and foods or chemicals that could be toxic are stored out of reach
  • Adjust thermostat to appropriate temperature for your pet
  • Leave out supplies for other caretaking responsibilities
    • Food and cleaning supplies for other pets
    • Mailbox key
    • Watering can for plants
    • Notify neighbors and/or security guards that a pet sitter will be in your home


We often forget the things that could matter the most. Before you leave, check that:

  • Collars and tags are on your pets and contact information is up-to-date
  • You have left MORE than enough pet food
  • Gates in yards where pets will be let out are secured
  • Outdoor pets have a warm shelter in case of severe weather
  • You will have your pet sitters contact information while you’re away
  • You have informed your pet sitter of:
    • Household problems: plumbing issues, broken locks, etc.Group_of_Pets
    • Possible visitors to your home
    • Where to find a spare key                                                                                              
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