Why We Love and Care for Cats

Posted on May 1, 2018
Why We Love and Care for Cats

Here at Run Those Dogs we care about all animals. Because of our name, people sometimes think we only care for dogs. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. We love taking care of feline friends. Cats take a special level of care and concentration. To celebrate Hug Your Cat Day on May 3 and 30, we take a look at why humans are obsessed with cats and what it takes to care for them well.




As the above video mentions, cats have evolved to appeal to our senses. They have infant features like big eyes, puffy cheeks, and fur that you can’t help but pet over and over. Its likely no coincidence that they are the size of a baby and their meow often sounds like the demands of a human child. Egyptians weren’t the only ancient culture obsessed with cats either. Orange cats rode the high seas with the Vikings.


Cats have a magical ability to focuses our attention, as happens in meditation, when we stroke them. Felines teach us about affection and the power of letting someone in.


Building a relationship with some cats can be hRun Those Dogs Jen Sewell Snohomish Marysville Stanwood Arlington catsard work and gaining the trust of a cat is very different than gaining the trust of a dog. We understand the difference and are ready to support your animal, where ever they are on the ‘trust spectrum.’


Cats really do love people. They will pick human companionship over toys, food and appealing smells. Oregon State University did a study with 38 cats and gave them a choice between food, a toy, an interesting smell (catnip, a gerbil) and attention from a human. Half preferred the company of humans above all, choosing them over other entertainment possibilities!


That’s why its important to schedule support for your cat when you’re away. Cats can actually become stressed from the lack of human interaction and companionship they are accustomed too. We are here to help.


As you probably already know, some animals are adaptable to animal boarding facilities, but cats seem the least satisfied with leaving home when their pet-parents are away. Pet sitting in your clean, safe, stress-free home is almost always the best option when you’re out of town. Staying at home allows us to help your pet stay on a routine as close to their usual as possible.


We offer a range of sitting services for your cat. Check our pet sitting page for more details.

Run Those Dogs Jen Sewell Snohomish Marysville Stanwood Arlington cats

  • Feed and freshening of water bowls.
  • Disposal of pet waste according to your request.
  • Visit up to three times per day as arranged.
  • Administration of medication and shots at no additional cost.
  • Additional services like watering plants and collecting mail may be arranged.


Here at Run Those Dogs love cats and we want to make sure they remain stress-free while their pet-parents are away and we want to help give you piece of mind too!