Is Your Dog Ready to Hike Off-Leash? A Few Simple Recall Rules..

Posted on May 14, 2013

How do you know if your dog is ready to hike off-leash? The first thing you need to accomplish is off- leash reliability recall. (come) If your dog does not come back when you call him, he should not be off-leash. You always want your dog to keep track of you and stay close. If he doesn’t keep track of you, then it’s likely he will just take off when given a chance..

I’m so thankful for the obedience classes we put Lilo in when she was just a pup. I learned so much from those classes. I realized what I’d been doing wrong with other dogs I had, years past. This time it felt like, I really got it right! I highly recommend reward based training classes for a dog of any age. It truly helps you understand how your dog thinks and why he thinks that way.

You don’t want to ever recall your dog for something it won’t like. The dog then associates bad things happening when you call and they will likely avoid you. You also don’t want to call your dog if you think he won’t come to you. Keep it on the dogs level, so they are successful. Only say your command once. Avoid repeating yourself. Clap, run away, talk with a high pitch tone. If you continue to repeat the dogs name, he will eventually tune you out completely.

 Recall, Treat, Repeat! I don’t always have a treat for my dog. Sometimes it’s just a, Good Girl! That goes along way with your dog.

Life rewards are a great way to train your dog! A life reward is anything a dog wants, needs and enjoys! For instance if your dog loves to snuggle on the couch, a belly rub, a simple ear scratch, access to other dogs. All great life rewards.

You will know after working with your dog over and over again on recall, if he is ready to run free.Continue to test your dog in a fenced field or dog park. It worked wonders for me! I hope it does for you was well.

Jean Donaldson is a great resource. One of my favorites is Dogs are from Neptune. Another great book ~ The Culture Clash.  Previous.. Safety Tips for Running with your dog!

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                                                                                Because a tired dog is a Happy Dog!






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